Historian Positions with the US Air Force

The Air Force Historical Research Agency of the United States Air Force is currently hiring Historians.

Recent graduates (within the past two years) with a B.A., M.A., or Ph.D. in History are eligible for these positions.

Northern Illinois University students and recent graduates in History who are interested in these or similar professional positions should contact me via email at bsandberg@niu.edu to discuss preparing for careers in Public History.

According to the job description: “This is a formal Air Force position for the Air Force Historical Research Agency, established under the PALACE ACQUIRE program. It is centrally managed and funded by the Civilian Career Management Directorate and administered by the History and Museums Civilian Career Program. Interns receive formal, informal, and/or on-the-job training in the discipline and assignments.”

For more information, see the full job description on the USAJobs website.

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