The State of Illinois is Destroying its Future

Illinois high school graduates are fleeing the state in record numbers, largely due to the continuing lack of a state budget in Illinois.

State universities in Illinois will lose even more students as the Illinois high school graduates of 2017 head to Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan over the State of Illinois’s continued failure to fund state universities and MAP Grants (state financial aid) to Illinois residents.

No higher ed funding, fewer students….


Image credit: Chicago magazine.

My own university, Northern Illinois University has shrunk by 25 percent over the past 6 years, a trend accelerated greatly by the lack of state budget (or “Budget Impasse” as the media continues to call it) in Illinois over the past year and a half.

The State of Illinois is destroying its future.

Chicago magazine provides the latest report on the breakdown of state funding for higher education and the resulting loss of undergraduate students in Illinois.

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