Religious History Fellowships in Florence

Istituto Sangalli (Sangalli Institute) is offering postdoctoral fellowships in religious history at the Medici Archive Project in Florence.

The brief description reads:

“The Sangalli Institute for the history and religious cultures offers the opportunity of a short research stay in Florence to young fellows of any nationality (included the Italians) affiliated to foreign universities and research centers, in order to create an effective and productive dialogue between the great cultural heritage of Florence and the world of the international researchers in the humanities specialized in the history of religions and religious studies, with special attention to the interfaith dialogue and interdisciplinary approaches. For the first semester of the academic year 2017-2018, the Sangalli Institute offers 3 residential fellowships for young scholars of 1 month of duration (worth 2,000 euro each), to help covering living expenses and accommodation.”

For further information, see the call for applications at the Medici Archive Project website or see the Istituto Sangalli website.

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