Renaissance Society of America Fellowships

The Renaissance Society of America offers fellowships for graduate students and faculty who are conducting research on topics in Renaissance studies.

“The Society awards a number of competitive fellowships to members each year supporting individual research projects and publications that advance scholarly knowledge about the period 1300–1700. Fellowships are made possible by donations from RSA members and grants from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.”

The Renaissance Society of America publishes Renaissance Quarterly, which will be of interest for all students in HIST 422 / 522 Early Modern Europe.

The Fellowships

“The RSA offers two types of research fellowships: residential fellowships supporting one month of research at one of the institutions with which the RSA has a partnership agreement and short-term research fellowships that may be used to support research at the collection or collections of the applicant’s choice. For 2021, we define a “short-term research fellowship” more broadly to include expenses related to research that are not explicitly travel. These expenses might include (but are not limited to) copy-editing, access fees to online archives, digital images and permissions, and publication subventions.

“Those who have received an RSA fellowship in the past will not be considered for further fellowships for three years after the award and will not be considered for further fellowships for the same project. Applicants will win at most one fellowship per year; the RSA does not give multiple awards to the same individual in a single year.

“All applicants must be current RSA members. If an applicant is not a current member, they should either join the RSA or renew their membership before applying for a fellowship. As of June 2018, RSA memberships last for a full twelve months from the start date or time of renewal.

“Successful applicants must agree to complete the proposed research by 30 June 2022 and submit to the RSA a brief report indicating the accomplishments of the fellowship within one month of returning from the research trip.”

For more information, see the Renaissance Society of America website.

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