Graduate Student Conference in Renaissance Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library has issued a call for papers for its annual Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference. The conference will be held through virtual roundtables held on 8-13 February 2021.

Gradaute students in History at Northern Illinois University are encouraged to participate, since NIU is a Newberry Library Consortium member.

Paper proposals should be submitted by 12 October 2020.

Here is the Center for Renaissance Studies’ call for papers:

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library is pleased to announce that abstract submissions for our 2021 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference are now being accepted.

This annual graduate student conference, organized and run by advanced doctoral students, has become a premier opportunity for emerging scholars to present papers, participate in discussions, and develop collaborations across all fields of medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies. Participants from a wide variety of disciplines find a supportive and collegial forum for their work, meet future colleagues from other institutions and disciplines, and become familiar with the Newberry and its resources.

In 2021, the conference will be held virtually in a seminar-style format. Participants will circulate short papers in mid-January, give and receive feedback on their papers by early February, and convene for a series of virtual roundtables to discuss their findings between February 8-13, 2021.

We invite proposals for papers from students in master’s or PhD programs on any humanities topic relating to material before 1800. The 2021 conference schedule will include virtual workshops and sessions with rare books in addition to the seminar roundtables.

Abstract submissions will be accepted online only. The deadline to submit an abstract through our online submission form is Monday, October 12, 2020 at midnight CDT.

Preference is given to proposals from students at member institutions of the Center for Renaissance Studies Consortium, but we also welcome proposals from students of the Folger Institute Consortium.

For more information about the conference, visit our calendar page here: 

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