History and Security Studies

The Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS) is organizing its annual New Faces conference, an academic conference that focuses on early career scholars in security studies.

The TISS website indicates that “The Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS) is a consortium of Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, dedicated to the study of national and international security. TISS is one of the nation’s oldest academic centers committed to advancing scholarship and education on security studies, broadly conceived. Since its founding in 1958, TISS has promoted interdisciplinary study and collaboration between scholars, students, and practitioners across North Carolina’s Triangle region.”

Doctoral candidates and recent Ph.D.s in History, Political Science, Sociology, and related disciplines may be interested in participating in this conference.

Northern Illinois University students who are enrolled in my HIST 384 History of War since 1500 course this semester, or who took my HIST 399 Communal Strife: Civil Wars in Comparative Perspective course last semester, may be interested in learning more about career paths in policy analysis and security studies.

The current Ukraine-Russia crisis certainly highlights the need for more historians to become involved in security studies and policy formulation.

Russian tanks conducting military exercises in southern Russia, near the Ukrainian border in January 2022. Photo: AP.

Here is the conference announcement from the Triangle Institute for Security Studies:

New Faces is an annual conference, geared toward the professional development and networking of early career scholars in security studies. Started in 2000, New Faces is one of TISS’ signature programs with a vast network of former participants.

New Faces is designed to offer advanced PhD candidates and newly-minted PhDs a chance to present their research and receive feedback in a format akin to an academic job talk.

Our goal is to create and strengthen ties among scholars working on national and international security questions, crossing disciplinary boundaries. Participants in New Faces approach the study of security from a number of disciplinary backgrounds, including political science, history, public policy, and beyond.

TISS will cover all travel and accommodation costs for selected participants. Priority will be given to applications without a tenure-track position.

The 2022 conference will be October 6-8, 2022, with the primary workshop being held on Friday, October 7, 2022 at the Rizzo Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. to apply

Those interested in being considered for this year’s New Faces should complete an online application form and submit a cover letter, project abstract, CV, and letter of recommendation by email to susan.colbourn@duke.edu.

The application deadline is April 1, 2022.

See the Triangle Institute for Security Studies website for more information.

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