Gallica Celebrates Early Modern Venice

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s Gallica platform is celebrating early modern Venice with a digitized version of its copy of Jacopo de’ Barbari’s Venetie MD (1500).

This monumental printed city view of Venice has been closely studied using many different historical approaches.

Now, using the digitized version on Gallica, viewers can easily zoom in on all of its remarkable details using this online platform.

This is just one of many Digital Humanities projects bringing historical documents and resources to researchers, students, and citizens in new ways.

Northern Illinois Students in my courses on HIST 110 History of the Western World I, HIST 420 The Renaissance, HIST 422 Early Modern Europe, and HIST 458 Mediterranean World will be interested in this digital tool.

High School instructors who are teaching units on the Renaissance may be interested in this digital tool.

Access to the digitized copy of Jacopo de’ Barbari’s Venetie MD is available on Gallica through its blog and platform.

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