Opportunities for Students and Researchers from Ukraine

The European University Institute (EUI), a higher education institute sponsored by the European Union, is creating a special admission procedure for Ukrainian students and researchers wanting to pursue studies and/or research at the European University Institute.

The EUI seeks to assist Ukrainian refugees whose studies and/or research has been disrupted by the Ukraine War.

Here is the announcement from the European University Institute:

The military invasion of a sovereign European state is deeply shocking for a higher education institute such as the EUI, which is predicated on transcending national borders and promoting dialogue between cultures.

The EUI Community resolutely stands with the people of Ukraine at this tragic time and is working to assist those in need of protection. 

In this effort, the EUI is opening special admission procedures for its programmes to allow students and academics affected by the war in Ukraine to apply to its academic programmes.

The following programmes are involved: 

  • Jean Monet Fellowships
  • Max Weber Programme
  • PhD Programme, LLM Programme in Comparative, European and International Laws, and Master of Research in Economics
  • Master in Transnational Governance at the School of Transnational Governance
  • Policy Leader Fellows at the School of Transnational Governance

We ask that you please help us to spread the word about these offers to colleagues and friends who might be affected by the war. Please visit our website for more detailed information

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